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Remember Heathrow

Remember Heathrow

John Wild 1944

We shall remember thee in days to come
Before the ruthless hand of man had spoiled
When sweet peace lingered on thy country brow,
The day when sound of plover lulled thee,
The night when screech owl loved thy lonely shade
We shall remember thee although the time…

Life before the Runways

Life before the Runway by Mary Meadows from the High Salvington Resident’s Association Newsletter 2014

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The Lost Hamlet

The Lost Hamlet of Heathrow

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The Lost Hamlet PDF

Notes on Heathrow

Notes on Heathrow

In the 19th century much brickearth-type land in west Middlesex, including in Heathrow, was used for orchards, often several sorts of fruit trees mixed in one orchard. Soft fruit, vegetables and flowere were grown under the fruit trees. An author in 1907 reported “thousands and thousands” of plum, cherry, apple, pear,……

Charles Dickens and Heathrow

Charles Dickens was a regular visitor to a cottage near Heathrow and, it was rumoured, based his book ‘Little Dorrit’ on the daughter of the house, Mary Ann Mitton.

Another link between Dickens and the village was unknowingly through a villager with the surname of Allen, whose Great Great Great Grandfather was……

A Summary of Market Gardeners of Feltham

A Summary of Market Gardeners of Feltham

Presented by the Chairman of The Feltham History Group.
July 2013

“The 18th & 19th centuries saw a marked increase in the demand for fresh fruit and vegetable the demand was met by those with horticultural expertise and entrepreneurial……

Requisition Letter

Requisition Letter

A copy of a requisition order sent to a landowner in 1944 requisitioning the land for Heathrow’s extension

Around Heathrow

A History of the land around Heathrow.

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Around Heathrow PDF