Remember Heathrow

John Wild 1944

We shall remember thee in days to come
Before the ruthless hand of man had spoiled
When sweet peace lingered on thy country brow,
The day when sound of plover lulled thee,
The night when screech owl loved thy lonely shade
We shall remember thee although the time
Of visitation great had come!
No longer is there peace within thy gates
That peace which was thy birthright. Now they come
They strip the wealth and riches from the soil
Although most fertile land in all the south,
But now the tyrant’s hand has claimed thee,
Cruel progress could not pass unheeding by.
Soon will be nought to mark thy hedges trim-
No hedge, no tree, no wayside flowerets fair-
Naught that is lovely left. Oh woe the day!
Long years have passed since Rome raised camp on thee,
And yet they passed and left thee undisturbed
Hadst thou a voice couldst tell us of thy past,
But now men want to rob of all thy grace
Full comely thou dost seem as we must go
And so “Goodbye” – a long last farewell.
For some short time the larks may still come home-
The weasel, mole and field mouse tunnel round;
Yet as the circling days go swiftly by
Soon will be gone all traces of the past
Save in our memories fond – we still